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Asmodee Entertainment - Aconyte Books: World Expanding Fiction

Asmodee Entertainment is a newly formed platform of global games publisher and distributor Asmodee. Its mission is to extend Asmodee’s leading IPs into TV/film, book and comics publishing, and consumer products, working in parallel with sister platforms Asmodee Boardgames and Asmodee Digital.

Aconyte Books is the novels division of Asmodee Entertainment, delivering on our slogan: “Great games, amazing stories!”, creating new and exciting content to be leveraged on further entertainment platforms. Our goal is to become the go-to partners for tie-in fiction for all the best pop-culture IPs. Aconyte is looking for local publishing partners in many languages.

Asmodee’s wealth of established brands enjoys a loyal and enthusiastic fanbase around the globe and offers great untapped opportunities through licensed Comic Books, Graphic Novels, Artbooks and other Non-Fiction books. Tap into this huge potential and excite new readers.

We are open for Licensing, talk to us!

Alexander Thieme
Licensing Manager Publishing and Consumer Products

Licensing Opportunities

Do you want access to a world-wide established fanbase? Do you want to find new readers? Talk to us about using our established properties in licensed Comics and Graphic Novels or Non-Fiction books.
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Android Universe

It is the future.
The world has changed.
People did not.

Arkham Horror

It is the height of the Roaring Twenties – a fresh enthusiasm for the arts, science, and exploration of the past have opened doors to a wider world, and beyond… And yet, a dark shadow grows in the city of Arkham.


The most popular and successful modern board game, CATAN is a game of clever trading, strategy, tactical skill and a little bit of luck. 

DOW Dead of Winter box cover

Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter is a story-centric board game that puts players in the tortured aftermath of the zombie apocalypse. Join the epic struggle for power and survival. 


Terrinoth: an ancient realm of forgotten greatness and faded legacies, of magic and monsters, heroes, and tyrants. Its cities were ruined and their secrets lost as terrifying dragons, undead armies, and demon-possessed hordes ravaged the land. Over centuries, the realm slipped into gloom. Now, the world is reawakening…

Dobble / Spot It!

Dobble/Spot It!

Dobble (known as Spot It! in the United States) is a gaming phenomenon, an award-winning visual perception card game for 2 to 8 players aged 6 and above that can be played by anyone, regardless of age and interests. Dobble is visual, easy to learn and quick to play, a fun and clever game for all the family.


Explore a world of infinite variety – wild science fantasy adventures on an impossible patchwork world of everything known (and unknown) in the universe.

Legend of the Five Rings

Enter the vibrant world of Rokugan with Legend of the Five Rings. Create stories of honor and conflict, join the Great Clans, uphold the tenets of Bushidō, and fulfil your duty to your daimyō and the Emperor in a world shaped and changed by a dynamic, player-influenced story.


You and your team are the only things standing in the way of deadly diseases that threaten the world. The fate of humanity is in your hands.

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is a cross-country train adventure in which players collect and play matching train cards to claim railway routes connecting cities in various countries around the world.

Twilight Imperium

Intergalactic empires fall, but one faction will rise from its ashes to conquer the galaxy, in this extraordinarily diverse epic space opera.

Do you want to benefit from thriving fan communities for Asmodee boardgames, Marvel Super Heroes and Ubisoft games? We are still looking for local language publishing partners in various countries.
Get in touch!

Welbeck Publishing Group

Welbeck Publishing Group is a world-leading publisher based in London and specialising in fiction, non-fiction and children’s sectors.

Ulysses Press

Named one of Publishers Weekly’s ten “fastest-growing independent publishers,” Ulysses Press is reinventing the relationship between reader, author and publisher. Beyond market-driven, Ulysses Press focuses on highly targeted niche groups that aren’t being offered the books they want by the big corporate-owned publishing houses. At Ulysses, they believe that, as pop culture changes at the speed of the Internet, books have a powerful role to play in the interconnected world. Above all other media, books offer readers a trusted source for information and a vital escape from our highly connected, digital world. Follow Ulysses on social media (@ulyssespress).

Ubisoft is a leading creator, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment and services, with a rich portfolio of world-renowned brands, including Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, For Honor, Just Dance, Watch Dogs, and Tom Clancy’s video game series including Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six and The Division.

Trends International

Trends International, LLC is the leading publisher and manufacturer of licensed posters, calendars, stickers, and stationery products. Established in 1987, Trends began its steady growth based on the recognized need for an integral partnership between licensor, retailer, and licensee.

Super Impulse

Founded in 2014, Super Impulse is committed to toy innovation, novelty items and accessories for kids and the young at heart. Super Impulse’s globally recognized World’s Smallest collection has expanded with a multitude of licensing partnerships. Selling hundreds of millions of units across the product line and continues to add to its offering and licenses with the world’s most iconic toys.  Super Impulse has the latest in classic retro and trend-forward toys with “a little something” for everyone!

Source Point Press

Source Point Press is a publisher of books, comics, and graphic novels available everywhere through Diamond Comic Distributors and Simon & Schuster. Source Point Press is a division of Ox Eye Media alongside Deep Water Games and N3 Art.

Simon & Schuster

Simon & Schuster, a part of CBS Corporation, is a global leader in general interest publishing, dedicated to providing the best in fiction and non-fiction for readers of all ages, and in all printed, digital and audio formats.

SD Toys

Founded in 2002 in Barcelona, SD Toys is SD Distribuciones’ brand focused to the creation and design of all kind of merchandise. SD Toys was the first European company to develop this kind of products as until that moment it was exclusive of the US and Japanese markets.

Starting with a collection of figures based on film and television SD Toys continue to grow diversifying the product line in different categories, including figures, doormats, cushions, t-shirts, glassware, key rings, stationery and puzzles.

SD Toys work with licensees such as Warner Bros, Toei, Universal or HBO and were the first company in the world to produce merchandising for Game of Thrones series. To date SD Toys have more than 50 licenses, ranging from the most classic, such as Back to the Future, E.T., Gremlins or Jaws, through anime licenses, such as Dragon Ball or Captain Tsubasa to best selling licenses like Harry Potter, DC or Lord of the Rings.

Scout Store - Scouts

Scout Store is owned by the Scouts and is the dedicated and official retailer for all Squirrels, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Network uniform. We complement this with a full range of casual clothing, a range of associated gifts and outdoor equipment 

We work with the Scouts to develop and produce all the badges for the movement and have the most up to date ranges available. Our aim is to invest in Scouting: in the future of the movement and in the future of our young people, therefore all our proceeds are returned to The Scout Association. In doing so we contribute and guarantee that the outstanding work they do creating #skillsforlife can continue both locally and nationally. 


Rollacrit is a lifestyle brand and hub for those who share a love of tabletop and board games, working with game studios to create collectibles, accessories, apparel, and more. 


RBmedia is the largest audiobook producer in the world. With more than 50,000 exclusive titles, their audiobooks continually dominate key literary awards and bestseller lists. The company’s powerful digital retail and library distribution network reaches millions of listeners around the globe – at home, in the car, and everywhere their mobile devices go. Their titles are available on leading audio platforms, including Audible, iTunes, Google Play,, OverDrive, Hoopla, and many more. RBmedia is owned by KKR, a leading global investment firm.

Radar Films

Founded in 2009 by Clément Miserez, RADAR FILMS is a production company of French and international feature films. Matthieu Warter, after having worked in the Financial Department of StudioCanal, became a consultant for RADAR FILMS from its creation and then partner from 2012.

The producers have already had many successes thanks to the adventure saga BELLE ET SÉBASTIEN (1, 2 and 3), L’ÉCOLE BUISSONNIÈRE, LES VIEUX FOURNEAUX, DONNE-MOI DES AILES by Nicolas Vanier or even DIVORCE CLUB by Mickaël Youn. . They have produced films in French and English – such as the film GHOSTLAND, by Pascal Laugier with Mylène Farmer and Crystal Reed and more recently THE DEEP HOUSE by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo.

Their expertise in production has led them to build solid partnerships with some of the largest French and international distribution groups (STUDIOCANAL, GAUMONT, SND, PATHE, ORANGE STUDIOS, UGC…)

Pollard Banknote Limited

Pollard Banknote is a leading lottery partner to more than 60 lotteries worldwide, providing high-quality instant ticket products, licensed games, in-lane ticket options, and sales-driving merchandising solutions from its Schafer Retail Solutions + portfolio. It also offers a full suite of digital offerings, ranging from world-class game apps to comprehensive player engagement and iLottery solutions, including strategic marketing and management services. The company is a proven innovator and has decades of experience helping lotteries to maximize player engagement, sales, and proceeds for good causes. Pollard Banknote also provides pull-tab tickets, bingo paper, ticket vending machines, and its Diamond Game and Compliant Gaming electronic games and devices to charitable and other gaming markets in North America.


Plainview Shoes is a footwear design, development and sourcing company. Plainview design and produce cosy, comfortable footwear for indoors and outdoors – from flip-flops to sneakers – and will now turn their talents to producing an exciting new collection inspired by CATAN’s themes of trading, building and settling, meaning fans of the game will soon be able to settle their heels in style.



Ediciones Minotauro, a member of the Planeta Group, is one of the top publishing companies for fantasy, science fiction and horror in Spanish.

Mango Éditions

Mango is a publishing brand of Fleurus Édition, the book publishing division of Media Participations. Mango publishes stylish, practical books, written and illustrated by professionals who put their expertise within reach of their readers. Listening to the desires and needs of their readers, they are the first publisher to publish illustrated escape room gamebooks, to allow readers to experience all the thrills of an escape room at home.

Loot Crate

Founded in 2012, Loot Crate™, Inc. is the worldwide leader in fan subscription boxes. Loot Crate partners with industry leaders in entertainment, gaming, sports, and pop culture to deliver monthly themed crates, produce interactive experiences and digital content, and film original video productions. 

Just Funky

Just Funky is a premiere manufacturer of licensed and private label merchandise for the mainstream retail market, with over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing, licensing, retail and creative development in such. Just Funky strives to create amazing products that resonate with the fans.

Hourglass Escapes

Seattle-based Hourglass Escapes, LLC creates challenging and fun escape rooms known for superior production values and immersive storylines. 

Hot Topic

Hot Topic is the destination for music and pop culture-inspired clothes and accessories, plus fashion apparel for girls and guys. Since 2020, Hot Topic have produced t-shirts based on some of Asmodee’s most popular game brands, including Pandemic, Arkham Horror, KeyForge and Legend of the Five Rings, under licence from Asmodee Entertainment. 

Hobby World

Hobby World is the largest Russian publishing house, manufacturer and distributor of board games. The company’s portfolio includes both worldwide hits translated into Russian and the games of its own design. Since 2013 games developed by Hobby World have been published in 24 countries and translated into 26 languages. Hobby World’s licensing partners include the leaders of the board games industry and the world’s largest publishers. The company is the exclusive Russian distributor of globally recognized games: Munchkin (Steve Jackson Games), CATAN (Kosmos), Carcassonne (Hans im Glück), Ticket to Ride (Days of Wonder), Citadels (Asmodee North America), and many others. More than 500 games have been released under the Hobby World’s brand. Every year the company releases 90 new products; a quarter of them are developed in-house, including international hit Furnace, the collectible card game Berserker, the hit Spyfall series of party games, Metro 2033 based on the novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky and many more.

Graphic Audio, LLC

Graphic Audio, LLC, a division of RBmedia, is home to the largest catalog of full-cast audio dramatizations in the industry, with over 1,500 titles across over 160 series across genres such as comics, science fiction, fantasy, and westerns.


FryxGames is a Swedish family business focusing on publishing games designed and developed by different members of the big Fryxelius family, including After the Virus and the international best-seller Terraforming Mars.



Fanattik is a licensee for Microsoft, Konami, CBSViacom, Capcom, Hasbro, Universal Studios, Studio Canal and many more. Fanattik has won numerous awards with the latest being a Business Masters Award under the category ‘Best Family Business’. The Fanattik premium SpongeBob Squarepants bottle opener was nominated for Gift Of The Year 2022.

Fanattik supplies pop culture retailers throughout Europe, North America, Australasia and MENA territories via its own offices and network of distributors.

Event Merchandising Limited

Event Merchandising (EML), with headquarters in London is a worldwide merchandise company. Established for over 35 years, Event Merchandising works in partnership with some of the world’s most recognised gaming, influencers, film, sports, music and entertainment brands.

Dream Figures

Dream Figures Group is a manufacturer of high-quality collectible pieces and statues, and are proud to say that they work with many of the brands within this sector. For Dream Figures, this is not only a production process, this is a work of art. The company strive to give their “Dreamers” the best results. Dream Figures Group is currently growing as an enterprise, to not only make their dreams come true but their audiences too, by bringing the intellectual properties with which they work to crowds of all kinds.  

Dovetail Games

Dovetail Games was launched in 2013. Previously trading as Ltd, the business launched in 2009 initially producing and marketing PC game Train Simulator. Today Dovetail Games is responsible for train, fishing simulation, and now digital tabletop  games and is developing for PC and leading consoles. 

Dark Horse Comics

Asmodee Entertainment has expanded its partnership with Dark Horse Comics. As well as licensed art books and a collectible quality map of Rokugan from Legend of the Five Rings, Dark Horse Comics now presents comics from the world of Arkham Horror.

Cross Cult

The Ludwigsburg-based German publisher Cross Cult has been publishing comics as carefully edited hardcover editions since 2001. Among the most famous titles are Sin City, The  Walking Dead, Hellboy, and other successfully filmed material.


As a distributor, the Asmodee Group has a long and successful relationship with renowned games studio and publisher CMON. Now, Asmodee Entertainment and CMON are working closely to develop licensed products across both companies IPs. 


Character Localization and Publishing is a multilingual localization agency and independent publishing house focusing on games, books, apps, entertainment and technology. Character is fueled by raw enthusiasm for all the interactive entertainment and fiction universes that have inspired us since our childhood – as well as all the new and exciting worlds and works that are constantly being created. Our mission is to make these available to as many people as possible across different languages and age groups, whether they come in the shape of video games, board games, books or different media.


Cephalofair Games is the independent board game publisher responsible for the massively popular game Gloomhaven, as well as its spin-offs, expansions and sequels, including the highly anticipated Frosthaven, set to release in late 2021.


Ata-Boy, Inc. was incorporated in California in 1989. Since that time, they have become the leader in licensed pop culture novelty items. Ata-Boy currently hold over 25 key licenses and have been working in the licensing business over 30 years, with extensive experience working with licensing companies to create fun and exciting products and merchandising programs. Ata-Boy’s in-house art team has over 25 years of experience working with style guides and artwork approvals. With an eye on current trends and specific markets, Ata-Boy is a pop culture phenomenon!

Asmodee Korea

Asmodee Korea is a distribution unit of Asmodee Group, established in January 2021. Asmodee Korea distributes not only popular titles from Asmodee’s own studios, but also many games from external studios. Asmodee Korea is located in Anyang, South Korea.

Aconyte Books

Do you want to benefit from thriving fan-communities for Asmodee boardgames, Marvel Super Heroes and Ubisoft games? We are looking for local language publishing partners in various countries!
Get in touch!
Marvel Heroines
Sharp-witted, luck-wrangling mercenary Domino takes on both a dangerous cult and her own dark past, in this explosive introduction to the new series of Marvel prose novels.
Marvel Legends of Asgard
The young Heimdall must undertake a mighty quest to save Odin – and all of Asgard – in the first heroic fantasy novel set in Marvel’s incredible Legends of Asgard.
Watch Dogs Legion
A secretive resistance movement is the last line of defense in this heart-pounding prequel to 2020’s most-anticipated video game release, Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Legion.
Marvel: Xavier’s Institute
Two exceptional students face their ultimate test when they answer a call for help, in the first thrilling Xavier’s Institute novel, focused on the daring exploits of Marvel’s mutant heroes.
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
Discover the epic tale of legendary viking Geirmund Hel-hide in this new novel set in the world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.
Marvel Untold
Our thrilling new line bringing new tales of Marvel’s Super Heroes and villains begins with the infamous Doctor Doom risking all to steal his heart’s desire from the very depths of Hell.
Twilight Imperium
A brave starship crew are drawn into the schemes of interplanetary powers competing for galactic domination, in this epic space opera from the best-selling strategic boardgame, Twilight Imperium.
Legend of the Five Rings
The reckless pursuit of honor exposes an empire to demonic invasion, in this epic fantasy novel of duty and warfare, set in the extraordinary world of Legend of the Five Rings.
Arkham Horror
The first in a new range of novels of eldritch adventure from the wildly popular Arkham Horror, an international thief of esoteric artifacts stumbles onto a nightmarish cult in 1920s New England.
Descent: Journeys in the Dark
Legendary heroes battle the undead and dark sorcery, in the first of a rip-roaring new series for the fan-favorite epic fantasy game, Descent.
Take a whirlwind tour to the incredible planet of a million fantasy races, the Crucible, in this wild science fantasy anthology from the hit new game, KeyForge.
My Journey to Catan
To celebrate 25 years of CATAN, its multi-award-winning designer reveals the true story of how it all came about, in a strictly limited luxury hardcover slipcase edition: numbered and individually signed by Klaus Teuber.

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