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Asmodee Group Properties Now Open to Brand Partnerships for Video Games and Interactive Entertainment

The Asmodee Group is delighted to announce that it is opening up access to its rich catalogue of intellectual properties to many more partners in the interactive games market. Tapping into Asmodee’s diverse portfolio of brands and IPs – from household names such as Dobble/Spot It!, Ticket To Ride and Pandemic to Braintopia, Small World, KeyForge, and immersive heavy-weights like Legend of the Five Rings and Twilight Imperium – this move will see new interactive entertainment titles powered by the global boardgame leader.

Developers looking for deep publishing partnerships including development and marketing support can connect with Asmodee Digital, the world’s largest platform for boardgame conversions across all major interactive gaming formats (business contact is Nicolas Godement, COO of Asmodee Digital). Developers and publishers who wish to create interactive titles under license can connect with the Asmodee Entertainment team to discuss game production using

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