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Asmodee Entertainment Announces Partnership with Trends International for CATAN Posters

Asmodee Entertainment are pleased to announce a new licensing agreement with Trends International to produce and market a range of CATAN posters, which will be available exclusively from selected online outlets, including Trends’ own site and global retailer Amazon.

“Trends is excited to help spread the magic of CATAN by providing new merchandise that fans can collect and share,” says Greg Hill Associate Licensing Manager at Trends International. “CATAN’s charm has never been limited to the tabletop – and is now expanding to your walls with the help of Trends’ poster products!”

Trends is a market leader and household name in posters and the agreement further expands Asmodee Entertainment’s push to establish the world’s best-selling board game as a true lifestyle brand.

“It is fantastic to welcome Trends International to the CATAN lifestyle merchandise family,” says Alexander Thieme, Licensing Manager for Consumer Products at Asmodee Entertainment. “We’re looking forward to the posters their creative team comes up with in the coming months and sure that a great many CATAN fans’ homes will show even more of their love for CATAN soon. Exciting times!”

The first of this new range of CATAN posters from Trends are expected to launch in November and will be available from and Amazon.


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