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Asmodee Announces Partnership with Ata-Boy for CATAN Gifts Collection

Los Angeles, CA/Nottingham, UK. Ata-Boy and Asmodee Entertainment have entered a licensing partnership to bring CATAN to the collectible gift world by developing products such as magnets, pins, and lanyards. This partnership is an example of Asmodee Entertainment’s push to bring lifestyle products to CATAN fans.

“Ata-Boy brings a wide reach to the CATAN lifestyle merchandise family. Their products aim straight for the core of the brand and do that with refreshing clarity. They are highly collectible, perfect for those fans who like to adorn themselves with CATAN in a subtle way and on top are very affordable and can be found almost everywhere. I am excited that we can announce our cooperation today,” said Alexander Thieme, Licensing Manager for Consumer Products at Asmodee Entertainment.


Ata-Boy has been in the business of selling pop culture accessories for more than 30 years. With their buttons, magnets, stickers, patches, enamel pins, keychains and lanyards, they help fans express their love of popular fandoms. Ata-Boy’s nearly 30 years of licensing experience, combined with CATAN’s 25 iconic years, will hit just the right notes for these collectibles.


“We are honored to be chosen to join the CATAN family, and we cannot wait to bring the world of CATAN to the fans in fun and exciting ways,” said Ata-Boy co-founder Jude Albright.


The first of these exciting releases is planned for Q4 2021 and products will be available both online and in retail stores.


Stay tuned for more details!

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