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Aconyte Books and Asmodee Italia Partner for Italian Novels

Asmodee Entertainment are delighted to announce that their new fiction imprint, Aconyte Books, has agreed a multi-year arrangement with Asmodee Italia to translate their range of novels for the Italian market.

Aconyte’s list includes series based in the worlds of many of Asmodee’s richest, most imaginative games, including Arkham Horror, Twilight Imperium, KeyForge, Legend of the Five Rings, Descent and Pandemic. The novels are brand new stories based in some of the most imaginative game worlds around, bringing tales of adventure and fantasy specifically written to appeal to dedicated fans and general readers alike. The first titles are expected to hit bookshops and hobby stores in Spring 2021.

Aconyte’s publisher Marc Gascoigne said: “It’s really important to us to find exactly the right partners. In the Italian market, Asmodee have two natural advantages – they grew from an established book publishing business, and they are already translating and promoting the games set in the same worlds as the novels. We’re utterly delighted to be working with them to bring our books to Italian readers.”

This enthusiasm is shared by Massimo Bianchini, Country Manager of Asmodee Italia, who said: “We started building our business from books, publishing novels and localizing roleplaying games. This new synergy with Aconyte allows us to reconnect in an even deeper way to a feature that has always been present in the DNA of our company. We are certain that this will be an exciting and stimulating adventure.”

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