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The latest news and announcements from Asmodee Entertainment, Aconyte Books and our Licensing Partners. 

New York, NY/Nottingham, UK – Asmodee Entertainment is delighted to announce a brand partnership with independent publisher Ulysses Press to create and release cookbooks based on the internationally popular and best selling board games CATAN® and Ticket to Ride™.

Aconyte Books have joined forces with Graphic Audio for a radically different audiobook experience, to include a full cast, cinematic music, and sound effects. Six of Aconyte’s acclaimed ARKHAM HORROR novels, three TWILIGHT IMPERIUM titles and three ZOMBICIDE novels will be available in this dramatized adaptation format. The first audio drama, WRATH OF N’KAI by Josh Reynolds, will be released by Graphic Audio on 16th May 2022, to be followed by THE LAST RITUAL by S. A. Sidor later this summer.


Asmodee Entertainment, part of Asmodee, one of the world leaders in boardgames publishing and distribution, announces that it has entered into an option agreement with prolific French Film & TV production company, Radar Films (Mediawan), to develop a feature film based on one of the best-selling board games of its generation, The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow.

Rollacrit and Asmodee Entertainment are pleased to announce the first collection in their CATAN merchandise partnership has launched! This collection of merchandise features a range of artfully designed apparel and mugs aimed at dedicated and casual CATAN fans alike, and it’s just the beginning. Rollacrit will be releasing a full range of merchandise including more apparel designs, accessories, collectibles, and homewares, available at

Asmodee Entertainment and Welbeck Publishing have announced that their successful puzzle book collaboration is set to continue, with two new titles announced at Brand Licensing Expo in the UK. Puzzle books based on Z-Man Games’s well-known Pandemic boardgame and Zygomatic’s bestselling family game Dobble (known as Spot It! in North America) will join CATAN, Ticket to Ride and Unlock in Welbeck’s range of puzzle books based on Asmodee’s portfolio of leading tabletop game brands.

Following the successful launch of the CATAN – Puzzle Book last year, Welbeck Publishing Group and Asmodee Entertainment are pleased to announce the upcoming release of two further titles based on some of Asmodee’s best-known gaming brands. This new collaboration will see both Days of Wonder’s Ticket to Ride and Space Cowboy’s Unlock! titles join CATAN in Welbeck’s range of board game-inspired puzzle books.

Paris, France/Nottingham, UK. Asmodee Entertainment announces that it has signed a partnership with Mango Éditions for the creation of gamebooks, such as escape games, based on its flagship properties Professor Noside, known from Space Cowboys popular escape game series Unlock!, and Werewolves of Millers Hollow, Zygomatic’s social game phenomenon. The books will be developed in collaboration with

Wilmington, DE/Nottingham, UK. Rollacrit and Asmodee Entertainment are pleased to announce they have entered a licensing partnership to further extend CATAN as a lifestyle brand, with a range of artfully designed apparel, accessories, collectibles and homewares aimed at dedicated and casual CATAN fans alike. The partnership is the latest announced by Asmodee Entertainment in a significant increase in CATAN’s prominence in the merchandise landscape.

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