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Android Universe

It is the future.
The world has changed.
People did not.

Plug into the future. Delve new datamines. In the future of the Android setting, the world has changed. Technological advances have dramatically reshaped daily life, making work more efficient and play more convenient than ever before. Earth is dotted by massive megacities, millions of people inhabit settlements on the Moon and Mars, and the nature of humanity itself has been redefined by the introduction of clones and true artificial intelligence. Still, the rich use these technologies to grow richer, and the disparity between the “haves” and the “have nots” has widened to staggering extremes by the solar system’s four largest megacorps: Haas-Bioroid, Jinteki, NBN, and the Weyland Consortium.

The not-so-distant future of the Android Universe is the setting for tabletop games such as the original Android boardgame, Android: Mainframe, and New Angeles, as well as a series of fast-paced novellas. 

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