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SD Toys

Founded in 2002 in Barcelona, SD Toys is SD Distribuciones’ brand focused to the creation and design of all kind of merchandise. SD Toys was the first European company to develop this kind of products as until that moment it was exclusive of the US and Japanese markets.

Starting with a collection of figures based on film and television SD Toys continue to grow diversifying the product line in different categories, including figures, doormats, cushions, t-shirts, glassware, key rings, stationery and puzzles.

SD Toys work with licensees such as Warner Bros, Toei, Universal or HBO and were the first company in the world to produce merchandising for Game of Thrones series. To date SD Toys have more than 50 licenses, ranging from the most classic, such as Back to the Future, E.T., Gremlins or Jaws, through anime licenses, such as Dragon Ball or Captain Tsubasa to best selling licenses like Harry Potter, DC or Lord of the Rings.

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SD Toys and Asmodee Entertainment have entered a licensing partnership to produce jigsaw puzzles for some of their largest IPs, including Dobble, Legend of the Five Rings, Terrinoth: Legends, Twilight Imperium, Arkham Horror, and KeyForge.

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