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404 Publishing is an imprint of renowned French publishing house Editis entirely dedicated to pop culture. Part of the group Vivendi since February 2019, Editis is a French leader in publishing, gathering 48 prestigious publishing houses. With a wide portfolio of internationally renowned authors, 4000 new titles published each year and a catalogue of more than 45,000 titles, Editis operates in the fields of general literature, pocket format literature, practical books, children books, illustrated books, educative and reference books. 

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Asmodee Entertainment, through its fiction imprint Aconyte Books, has partnered with Editis to bring Aconyte’s game-based novels series to the French market, through Editis’s 404 Publishing imprint. Beginning in March 2021, 404 Publishing will publish about ten new Aconyte titles per year, with series of books based in the worlds of many of Asmodee’s most imaginative games. 

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